Creating spectacular family portraits using mobile hairdressing services

Posted on: 28 October 2014

It can be a nightmare getting all members of the family a haircut before your annual family portrait, and not everyone wants to send out a "shaggy hair" themed Christmas card. Getting everyone's hair cut before the family portraits can be a fun way to get together and bond with your family in a less formal way before the photographer shows up. Here's how a mobile hairdressing service can make that happen. 

Mobile hairdressers are often cheaper (if you are getting multiple hair cuts)

Mobile hairdressers are not paying the same level of overheads for their business because they don't have rent. As travel time is built into the cost of their hair services, it is usually about the same price for a single hair cut with a mobile hairdresser but substantially cheaper for multiple haircuts because you are only paying for one period of travel time.

Mobile hairdressers can be easier to schedule

If your family portrait involves multiple family members it can be easier to schedule a family haircut and style session for the hour before the portrait than trying to separately schedule 3+ hair appointments over the week before your shoot. (Be sure to check with your hairdresser about time requirements if you are looking for colouring or other treatments, as these can take much longer than standard haircuts.) Additionally, they can often be available for visits outside of standard working hours which is an advantage for families with complicated work/life/school schedules.

Mobile hairdressers are stylists as well

Many mobile hairdressers are used to providing styling for school formals and weddings. They also usually have relationships with makeup artists and can work together with them to create makeover sessions in the comfort of your home, which can help take your photo shoot to an absolutely spectacular level.

Bare in mind that most mobile hairdressers are generalists. If your teenager has a very specific hair style in mind, a mobile hairdresser may not be able to provide that exact style. On the positive side, however, with a mobile hairdresser you are on hand to make sure that your daughter doesn't shave off all her hair or that your son doesn't decide to dye his hair bright orange just before the photographer arrives.

If you are looking for a mobile hairdresser, be sure to ask friends and family for recommendations. Mobile stylists are not listed as often on review sites and often have a minimal web presence, relying mainly on word of mouth marketing. For more information, contact Hair On The Move 2 U.


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