Tips On Using Aromatherapy To Enhance Meditation

Posted on: 20 December 2016

In addition to promoting relaxation, meditation can have many physical benefits, including protection from pain, relieving high blood pressure, and even helping to combat infertility.  The inclusion of aromatherapy in your meditation sessions can really enhance the process, helping to focus the mind and relieve distractions.  So, how can aromatherapy be used to improve your meditation and what oils should you choose?

Methods of using aromatherapy for meditation

You can include aromatherapy oils in your meditation sessions in the following ways:

  • anointing yourself, especially in the third eye chakra area
  • creating a mist of oils and water in a spray bottle and using it to fragrance the air
  • using a diffuser

You could also use scented candles, although essential oils tend to be more potent.

Which oils to choose

There are many essential aromatherapy oils to choose from, and you could just use one whose scent you particularly like.  However, the following are particularly useful for accompanying meditation sessions:

Cedarwood can help you to focus, clearing mental obstacles that could prevent you from seeing your spiritual path clearly.

Frankincense is associated with helping the user to increase their faith and connection with their soul.

Sandalwood is traditionally associated with the heart chakra, healing emotional pain and promoting trust.

Myrrh is thought to be a stimulant that acts on the amygdalin, pituitary and hypothalamus glands, reducing stress and bringing focus.  The scent is uplifting but, at the same time, calming.

Neroli brings a potent floral scent that can encourage self-acceptance, creativity and transformation.  It can also help you to face your fears and ground you, working well to balance your root chakra.

Vetiver oil is highly grounding, being of great benefit if your mind is inclined to wander during meditation sessions.

Rose is useful during meditation sessions as its romantic and sensual connotations can encourage your heart to open, promoting a deeper connection to your spirit and helping you to love yourself, as well as others.

Clary sage is used by many cultures as a cleansing and purifying herb.  It is good for restoring balance across all your chakras, grounding you and removing negative energies.

In conclusion

The use of aromatherapy products during meditation sessions can be of great benefit in helping you to relax and focus.  For more information and advice on using aromatherapy products to enhance other aspects of your daily life, why not pay a visit to your local supplier?


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