Body Massage | 4 Winning Tactics To Get Maximum Value From Your Body Massage

Posted on: 8 February 2016

Getting a body massage is perhaps the most relaxing way to ease your stress and muscle tensions, but failing to prepare well will prevent you from reaping the benefits of this soothing experience. This guide aims to equip you with smart tactics to help you get the maximum value from your body massage. Avoid Eating Heavy Meals Before Your Body Massage You should ideally avoid eating any heavy meals before a body massage to prevent the problem of indigestion from occurring.
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Creating spectacular family portraits using mobile hairdressing services

Posted on: 28 October 2014

It can be a nightmare getting all members of the family a haircut before your annual family portrait, and not everyone wants to send out a "shaggy hair" themed Christmas card. Getting everyone's hair cut before the family portraits can be a fun way to get together and bond with your family in a less formal way before the photographer shows up. Here's how a mobile hairdressing service can make that happen.
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